Why did I choose Harrell Horne Integrated School?

The HHIS may not be among the prestigious ones in the country, but what made me decided to keep my children here, is the ability of the school to balance learning for both IQ and EQ. They value children's differences and provide them equal chances to grow and spread their wings to be able to fly and enjoy learning at its best. The school may still have a lot to achieve, but they never stop no matter how challenging the situation is, the school will be happy to see our children be able to learn and conquer the world one day. Kudos to the HHIS school director, Ms. Maria Luz Villanueva and all the faculty members! keep it up and God bless Us all.

-Mr. and Mrs. Estrellita Tan Gallito

When we decided to look for a new School for our eldest daughter Claudia Celine who is an incoming Grade 5 atudent way back 2017 Harrell Horne Integrated School is on our top list
We have known HHIS way back 1998 when our nephew studied there from Pre School to his primary years before they migrated.

Harrell Horne has always has been an institution centered in the word of God with high moral standard in academics and core values.

HHIS warmly welcome us into their Family with their humble hearts and thoughtful minds we developed a great partnership that rooted with in us all through these years that we decided to stick with them even this Global Pandemic.

We are proud HARRELLIAN parents of four.

Our deepest gratitude to the administrators, Faculty and staff and fellow parents for bringing up the best to our proactive young minds.
May the God Almighty Bless us all 🙏 ❤️

-Mr. and Mrs. Steve Rina Rey