Strand and Specialization

  • Accountancy, Business, Management (ABM)
  • Science Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM)




Featured Programs: Grade 11 & 12

  • Applied Entrepreneurship skills (ABM students) thru JA Asia Pacific which develops Work Ethic, Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship
  • Senior High School (SHS) Voucher Program:
    • Grade 10 Completers from Public Schools = Php, 17,500
    • Grade 10 Completers from Private Schools (ESC Grantees) = Php 14,000
    • Grade 10 Completers from Private Schools (Non-ESC Grantees) = Php 14,000

The SHS Voucher Program is financial aid for Grade 10 (JSH) completers who wish to continue their Grade 11 and Grade 12 education in private high schools, public or private universities or colleges and technical-vocational institutions offering SHS.

Through the SHS Voucher Program, students and their families are able to exercise greater choice in deciding the Senior High School that is most relevant to their needs and career goals.

Principles and Ideals of the Program

  • School is a part of life.
  • Learners are active participants, problem solvers and planners.
  • Creative thinking and divergent thinking is the learning style.
  • Program is based on the Mission and Philosophy and Goals for graduates.
  • Assessment is benchmarked, has many forms and is progress oriented.
  • Principles, values and characters are intertwined with academics for total development.


Featured Programs: Grades 7 to 10 

  • Adopts Science High School Curriculum since 2015-2016.
  • Applied Entrepreneurship skills thru JA Asia Pacific which develops Work Ethics,
  • Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship
  • Robotics classes by Data Science and Technology Corporation
  • PEAC subsidy (Php, 9,000/ year for Grade 7 entrants)
  • Scholarship grants